Monovisc®: Long-term relief of osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain!
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Over 40%

of patients with OA of the knee experience pain.*

*Among patients with radiographic OA of the knee.
My osteoarthritis knee pain started nearly 10 years ago. So, I looked for other treatment options. For me, Monovisc® has worked. It provides temporary relief of my knee pain, and I take anti-inflammatories if I need to. I also do exercises to help maintain the flexibility of my knee joints, and I lost weight to relieve some of the stress on my knees. Treatment with Monovisc® has given me a good base for all of that.
M. C. Girard, Quebec

Carlos Buhler, world-class mountaineer

Carlos Buhler is one of the most accomplished mountain climbers in the world. His climbing career spans 45 years and includes major ascents on five continents. American mountaineer Carlos Buhler is one of the world's most successful expeditioners, Buhler has been at the forefront of exploratory mountaineering for the last 25 years, with many first ascents in Peru, Alaska and the Himalayas.

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My name is Carlos Buhler. I am 63 years old, born and raised in the United States. I moved to Canmore, Alberta, Canada, in 2004. I suffer from knee pain in both knees. I have been extremely active all my life: alpine skiing, skate skiing, ice and rock climbing, and above all, mountaineering, which I have done across 5 continents. About 15 years ago, I suffered from cartilage damage and had my right knee scoped. Seven years later, I repeated the process, which left me with about 50% of the meniscus in my right knee. My left knee began showing signs of damage more recently. Stoically, I have put off further surgery in the hopes that I could live with the pain.

I first heard about hyaluronic acid injections from a surgeon at the Banff Sports Medicine Clinic a few years ago. More recently, I discussed the subject with an Alberta masters skier in my ski racing program who had received injections herself. She experienced very positive results from the procedure and encouraged me to look into the possibilities. Last year, my knees began hurting significantly more. I felt restricted in my movements while I was climbing and skiing. I went back to the Banff Sports Medicine Clinic in October 2017 and met with a sports medicine physician. After examining the MRI's of each knee, he indicated that I had developed osteoarthritis in both knees.

As a result, I was provided with an injection of Monovisc® in each knee just before the start of my ski season, and my busy professional ice climbing schedule for Lowa Boots at North American ice climbing festivals. The effect came after a few weeks: I noticed a reduction in pain and discomfort in both knees. By December, I was able to return to my intense outdoor activities without having to over-modify my movements due to discomfort. Considering my active lifestyle and what I ask from my body, I couldn't be more pleased!

- Individual results may vary.

Photographers: Arthur Kudelka, Christian McConnell, Mark Price, Joe Simpson, Kendra Stritch

Knee pain due to OA can impact your lifestyle and daily activities.

This website is intended to help answer your questions so that you and your doctor can determine whether you are a candidate for Monovisc®, the next-generation treatment that can help manage pain resulting from OA of the knee.

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For additional information on how to manage knee pain:

Orthovisc® is a viscosupplement option indicated for the symptomatic treatment of osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. It is administered as three weekly, intra-articular injections over the course of three visits. It lubricates, cushions and protects the knee joint, providing pain reduction for up to 6 months.

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